Lead Her! Live Conversation about Women in Leadership

In the 3 day masterclass, you’ll have the potential to align with your purpose, to step into growing a high impact business, and being an influential leader without compromising your family, health and sanity in the process! This masterclass is hosted by the incredible Breakthrough coach, Greguyschka Félix. If you've ever struggled with your worth, wealth or defining your womanhood to live a purposeful life, then listen up! Just a few years ago, Greguyschka was paralyzed from the waist down due to emotional trauma in a toxic workplace. She has had a big dream to create opportunities for women to break through the glass ceilings so they can teach their daughters to choose paths without limitation… Following Georges Floyd murder, everything changed. She uncovered the hidden and unresolved emotional trauma that kept her stuck. Greguyschka found the path forward to claim back her power that she calls her “breakthrough codes” to thrive on purpose! Greguyschka, myself and other powerful women have gathered together to share their stories of possibility with you & show you how you can do the same! During this free event, you will experience: LIVE trainings led by top experts (including me!) on Worth, Wealth, and Womanhood! CLAIM your power & release the limitations that are holding back your impact & wealth LEAD with your heart as a successful CEO without compromising what matters the most to you. GROW your thriving empire with ease even during times of uncertainty and change. Trust me when I say this could change everything for the better! Access Link: https://leadhermasters.com/Seonagh

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Embodied Leadership in Women

Join Seónagh Kummer's FREE masterclass about Embodied Leadership in Women. FREE streaming on May 17th. Learn tools and skills of embodiment leaders need to build effective relationships. Expectations of women leaders can be difficult to negotiate. Women are not always celebrated for taking a leadership role. Seónagh's program helps you slow down, get in touch with your feelings and understand how to consciously engage your body. Use your body, mind and emotions to create the impact you want. "Productivity Secrets of Female Millionaires: Master your Time" This summit combines the expertise of 25+ experts, and will help you upgrade your mindset and up-level your leadership SKILLS so you can create a greater impact and make more money, without burnout.

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