You can join as many programs as you want, but you’re never going to grow until you EMBODY what you know.

Knowledge is only power if you embody it.

Being Embodied with Seónagh

Seónagh’s coaching reflects her expertise in dance somatics she learned through a lifetime in dance, specialised training programs, a Ph.D. in the field, and in her career as a dance professor. Somatic movement practices are used by experts to facilitate improved vitality, creativity and easeful movement functioning. Seónagh loves to share this wisdom of dance, and her programs help to enhance body-mind integration through movement awareness, experiential anatomy, and embodied arts in order to attend to the physiological self-regulatory intelligence of the human body.

Get Coached—We need Embodied Leaders

For many, life is too busy, too noisy, too overwhelming. As a result, the body and mind become stuck, numb, and at times those who feel this way are living a life wherein joy and creativity feels deadened. Seónagh’s programs are designed to help you feel at home in your body, to identify key blind spots toward your wellness and to expand your self-awareness. A renewed sense of vitality and freedom can be gained through embodiment. Guided movement exercises pair self-inquiry with body awareness and allow participants to not only gain wisdom, but to truly feel transformed – unfolding the wisdom they have within by tapping into the core truth of who they are.

Are you a Female Leader?

Are you a female leader who’s in need of a boost? For all who identify as women, I’m glad you’re reading this because I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I want to increase capacity in this world for the type of embodied leadership we need to respond to this moment, and to support the kind of leaders we need. I can carry you through a program specifically designed to address what women in leadership positions often go through. My coaching program helps you slow down, get in touch with your feelings and understand how to consciously engage your body, mind and emotions to create the impact you want.

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About Somatic Coaching

We’ve all heard the expression “the body doesn’t lie.”I believe this to be true. With coaching assistance, through the use of repeated movement exercises, and by exploring somatic techniques in a guided way, clients can become rejuvenated, and can recognize and overcome limitations that we might have carried in the bodies and minds since childhood.

I design exercises to help my clients overcome challenges by exploring their reflexive responses, releasing muscle tension or emotional patterning, or by stimulating key sensory receptors in the fascia or glandular systems. I teach clients how to engage the body’s innate power to heal old hurts through awareness of the body’s systems, with developmental movement re-patterning, and by using somatic movement practices to engage at a deep level.

  • Experience an enhanced sense of belonging, improve self-esteem, and know how to connect more deeply with others

  • Discover which of our needs are anchored in our defense mechanisms, and how to avoid unconscious reflexes that keep us stuck into behaviour patterns

  • Understand and communicate ways that their personal voices may have been muted, becoming more conscious of myofascial tension, and learn how it can be released

  • Learn techniques to research their ingrained emotional responses through bodied experience, paying close attention to how pain or good feeling responses are embodied and released

  • Recognize their habitual patterns of perceptual, postural and movement interaction that may hinder communication, and understand how adaptive

  • Improve flexibility, physical strength and ease

  • Work with any limitations and improve movement coordination to support structural, functional and expressive integration to experience an embodied sense of vitality

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