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Salt Spring Island-An Embodied Ecology Retreat

Salish Seas Retreat Centre-Dharma in Motion 127 Mapleridge Place, Salt Spring Island

Held at our beautiful Salish Seas Retreat Centre overlooking the Sansum Narrows and at the base of forested hiking trails, we will move between here and the beautiful Antler Ridge Dance Studio in the forest near Cusheon Lake. We will gather for somatic movement classes, meditation, and will be led in somatic awareness workshops to aid communication, heighten creative power and expand our capacities and strength for leadership. Workshops with Dr. Martha Eddy aid our understanding of how to soothe our nervous systems and draw from a well of inner resources that can greatly enhance our experiences of being in the world. Guided embodied ecology practices with local somatic dance artists Dr. Seónagh Kummer and Robbyn Scott provide opportunities to explore the deep human yearning to belong. We belong through our connection with the earth and waters, and the source within. These in depth practices are complimented with meditation classes and guidances of Soto Zen Buddhist Priest Kristin Diggs enhance the inner journey to deepening our strength and bringing gentle awareness and love to the places within us that are disconnected. Salt Spring Island has been called "the coolest island in Canada" by The Washington Post and is reknowned as a destination for foodies, the many artists who live on the island, the bustling harbour town of Ganges, the unique shops and restaurants and the wonderful farm to table businesses. At another level, the island and landscape is healing. There is a miracle of presence, of being present and being held in the crevices of a landscape, the belonging of the earth and her waters. When you can hold this perspective you can awaken in yourself a grace of belonging. You inhabit the cascading and uplifting depths of your destiny and approach a hint of knowing and awakening light within you. A la carte offerings and packages with the option to choose on site accommodation or separate accommodations on the island provide the flexibility to piece together a healing weekend with plenty of spaciousness to enjoy the surrounding beauty of Salt Spring. Applications and inquiries: or 6267866394

Embodying Peace


The terrible war waged by the Russian government against Ukraine has focused the world’s attention on the horrors of war and the need for peace. Instead of turning our attention to more spending on militarization and weapons of destruction we need to work for peace. Peace does not just happen; it requires sustained effort to create cultures and practices of peace and nonviolence. One important component of this is education. The purpose of this teach-in [...]


International Solidarity Concert for India Covid Relief


As we navigate vaccines and come out of lockdown in North America, some countries such as India are experiencing the very worst of Covid19. Join our community in a global online solidarity concert and silent auction emceed by Bollywood star @geetsagarofficial on Saturday July 10 starting at 2pm PST. Our community, our Sangha, can help us embody a mindfulness practice. Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of true love being made of four elements: loving kindness, compassion, joy, [...]