Salt Spring Hybrid Intensive: The Dynamic Embodiement Retreat (Day 2)

Dynamics of Touch Part A Register HERE This workshop is for those with prior skilled touch experience and somatic awareness who would like to learn more about the qualities of touch needed to contact different types of tissue in the body. For example, we will practice how to contact and support movement in the Cerebro-spinal fluid, various organs and for ligaments. Dynamics of Touch Part B Register HERE

Salt Spring Hybrid Intensive: The Dynamic Embodiement Retreat (Day 3)

BMD Class, Grief Loss & Empowering the Creative Voice Register HERE BMD Class with an opportunity to express and move through any grief or loss from the past or present. Moving Stories–A Somatic Exploration of the Creative Voice Register HERE After warming up with a Body Mind Dancing class we will bring our voices into the workshop space through sound and movement, and explore where in our bodies we may have held ourselves back or been held [...]

Salt Spring Hybrid Intensive: The Dynamic Embodiement Retreat (Day 4)

Antler Ridge Studio 211 Horel Rd W, Salt Spring Island, BC

BMD Moving With Everyone/ Movement for ALL Register HERE This BodyMind Dancing class will include an embodied storytelling structure called “Cultural Location” in which we identify experiences of being treated as “less than,” based on a broad definition of disability - whether physical (visible or hidden) or emotional, personal or familial or cultural. We will identify experiences of difference and use dance, movement and embodied conflict resolution to share mutual dignity Embodied Conflict Resolution - Integrating [...]

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