Has life become so noisy and fast-paced, that you feel disconnected from what you love, and what makes you wake up eager for the day? If this is you – that needs to change.spacer

Embodiment Coaching with Seonagh Kummer

This six-month private coaching and mentorship program will align you back with your true self, and get you connected to your body, breath and emotions so you can unleash your best work yet.

When you don’t take the time to do this, you run a risk. It’s the risk of running yourself ragged. It is the risk of missing opportunities. It is the risk of living an empty life, or worse: missing it.

I know you are aware that you deserve more than this. This program is your chance to create clarity ahead and awaken the deep power within so you can enjoy your one and only life.

Having myself gone from a burned-out, maxed-out human being to a transformative helper, I can teach you tangible tactile and emotional skills that are needed to turn your life into the ultimate deliberate adventure.

Seonagh Coaching Dance

Deciding to work with a coach was not an easy choice for me. Like many, I used to believe that I could and must fix my problems myself. But I began to feel overwhelmed, more like I was falling behind to be a shadow of what I could become. A coach helped me to slingshot past that.

If you are ready, here is the solution: let’s work together to ignite the power that is within you. Let’s get that light back into your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Embodiment Coaching:

What is embodiment coaching?

As a dancer I go to the body as a resource whenever I spend time developing my craft. Embodiment coaching is about sharing how these tools translate really well into life beyond the studio. What if the tools in your toolbox can help you access that feeling of physical aliveness? What if you could change your thinking, gain greater awareness, and take charge of how you live in your life and relationships? I am not talking about feeling happy all the time. We all have to deal with loss, ageing, difficult relationships, and much more that creates friction in our lives. It is important to understand that our problems such as frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, and short temperedness stem from how we are negotiating our innate human needs. I show you how our bodies help us to understand and navigate this.

Do I need to spend a lot of time doing this? I already feel overwhelmed or anxious.

I offer you actionable tools and skills, and a system that builds on your processes and around your schedule over a six-month period so you can make a good change in your life. You can definitely do this if your life is on a tight time schedule, and one of my goals is to help you with that feeling that you don’t have enough time. I teach resilience because so many people come to me saying they are not living fully and are depleted, anxious, triggered, or overwhelmed.

I like my own way of doing things but I’m curious about this. Will it create a conflict when I learn your system?

You don’t need to give up your own systems or ways of doing things. I can help you make conscious choices with new skills. You might even find it is easier to work with the systems you know, and apply what you learn by working with me.

Do I have to be a dancer? Will you make me dance?

You do not have to be a dancer or identify as a dancer to do this work, and I won’t force you to dance, but it works for dancers who are improving their performance, too. The work is about you and your growth or aspirations. I bring a lifetime in dance to the table and a Ph.D. in Dance. I treat each person individually based on your needs and interests, and in order to help you with whatever limitations you perceive in your performance, energy level, and to help you get unstuck.

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