Wow. Worth watching!
“Forest biomass is scooping up some of the last remaining primary and old growth forests across the world to burn for electricity.” AND if that isn’t horrific enough on its own “burning biomass releases more carbon than burning coal”. https://twitter.com/standearth/status/1459640493328027648


Check out our first roundup video of the @standearth team's experience at #COP26 with @MayaLillianM: "Not acknowledging that forest biomass is a false solution, is probably the biggest problem we have right now." #bcpoli

Some great things happening in my professional life right now. New music video for a great artist about an important aspect of Canadian history/politics; residential schools. Continuing to work with Amanda which is bringing me great joy and beautiful images to add to portfolio.

recent road trip to Nanaimo for photo shoots with the amazing Amanda Little Wing. Blessed to have the opportunity to do this kind of work.

This is so important. We have to ban fracking and it's going to be a fight from hell to do it because there is a giant machine behind it, and they will hire murderous thugs to do their bidding. As the coal industry did, as the logging industry does. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62rkNvfuTlg

Built this beautiful/functional web site for Dance Professor Seonagh Kummer, LA to Salt Spring Island! Check it out! http://www.seonagh.com

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