Seónagh Kummer, PHD Dance, Choreographer, Dance Artist, and Somatic Educator

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Seónagh Kummer, Ph.D.

As a mentor, facilitator, speaker, and internationally recognised author and dance artist, Seónagh teaches and inspires thousands of people each year through the arts of dance and somatic movement, helping people re-get back in touch with the way they breathe, move and perform.   Having been transformed through movement and visualization herself, Seónagh has experienced and assisted in a vast array of global ceremonies that lead to healing through dance and movement. She trains as a Movement Analyst and a Somatic Movement Therapist, and now travels all over the world to lead these teachings and continue to expand her research in this field.

Seónagh needs to create dances, and meaningful relationships are important to her. As a dancemaker, she loves to collaborate as she explores what is sacred and profound (life, love, loss, transformation, death, time, yearning). She explores topics through the juxtaposition of artistic form, memory, and objects or living things.  Each dance asks ethical questions. What right do we have to ignore ways are we interconnected with our environment and with other beings? What do we owe to a particular life, object, or memory that we encounter? She seeks to investigate her own culpability in relationship with others, an ideal of love in action, and to sense an ethics of interconnectedness and relationship to all living beings.

Now a freelance artist and Somatic Educator, Seónagh holds an MA in dance/theatre education from the University of British Columbia as a Graduate Fellow, earned her doctorate in Dance at Temple University as a Fisher Center Fellow, and taught dance as a tenured professor at the university level for many years.

Mission Statement

Seónagh’s mission is to empower people to rise to their most compassionate selves through the liberation of dance, and to use dance and its effects as a means to cultivate global community dialogue. As co-founder of Dharma In Motion, an organization that empowers women and their communities using dance to raise funds, and as Creative Advisor for the International Gandhian Institute for Nonviolence and Peace – everything Seónagh delivers the message of service as a way of life, and comes in focused making things better and easier in the world..

“Seonagh is an accomplished professional and friend whom I had the pleasure of knowing since the Summer of 2020 in several capacities. Seonagh has many qualities: intellectual brilliance, passion, care, empathy, creativity, and openness. There is one aspect, however, that rises above the rest, which is her sense of social responsibility and awareness about the community where she creates, works and lives. “

Anabella Lenzu, choreographer, teacher, professor and writer
Seónagh has impacted me, and many others, as a mentor in dance and in life. For over 10 years I have known her always to show kindness and grace when working with local and international dance talent. A great deal of my work ethic, I learned from her. She is dedicated, focused, thorough. Her work, writing and choreography have depth and breadth, and are driven by reason and purpose. The culmination of Seónagh’s work inspired me to do good for my community. She always seeks new ways to be fruitful, to make change and to express a message of love.
Lizett Galàn

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful… This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”

Agnes De Mille

“Seónagh Kummer was an emotional tour de force, eloquently rendered movement”

LA Dance Chronicle

Seónagh leads workshops and educational events designed for those who have never danced professionally, and she also loves to work with dancers in more specialized programs. Check back here for upcoming workshops!