Sometimes we feel affected by so many difficult things in the news, and we need to feel empowered that even taking small actions for changes we believe in can matter. ❤️☮️ We started our North American relay fast yesterday and the days of fasting will be going through Gandhiji’s birthday on October 2nd. I am personally fasting on certain days, and I invite you to join me or others for several important causes that are being highlighted. Follow the hashtags below or check back in.

Tomorrow in a day long fast I will highlight bodies we don’t always see as important or valuable. I will fast for all of us to feel powerful in our bodies, and am especially asking how to assist women to be as influential as they need to be on our planet. I ask: how does this devaluing relate to systemic oppression? How could we learn to see bodies through another lens?

I am particularly fasting for women’s bodies and non-binary bodies deeply affected by violence, and controlled by laws. I will create a somatic body map tomorrow on my fast to draw attention to women of colour and indigenous women who have been sterilized without their consent, or who disappeared, or whose deaths were sidelined quickly because of how their bodies were forgotten and devalued.

As I meditate on these concerns of our world, I will post photos here during the extended fasting period. I will also highlight a couple of webinars with incredible thought leaders and educators taking action on different parts of the globe. Will post links in bio and on Fb page. Please join in when you can.
Image of dancers: Alice Sheppard (left) and Kitty Lunn performing with Infinity Dance Theater.
📷: Sofia Negron