Salt Spring Hybrid Intensive: The Dynamic Embodiement Retreat (Day 4)

BMD Moving With Everyone/ Movement for ALL

This BodyMind Dancing class will include an embodied storytelling structure called “Cultural Location” in which we identify experiences of being treated as “less than,” based on a broad definition of disability – whether physical (visible or hidden) or emotional, personal or familial or cultural. We will identify experiences of difference and use dance, movement and embodied conflict resolution to share mutual dignity

Embodied […]

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Salt Spring Hybrid Intensive: The Dynamic Embodiement Retreat (Day 3)

BMD Class, Grief Loss & Empowering the Creative Voice
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BMD Class with an opportunity to express and move through any grief or loss from the past or present.

Moving Stories–A Somatic Exploration of the Creative Voice
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After warming up with a Body Mind Dancing class we will bring our voices into the workshop space through sound and movement, and explore where in our bodies we may have […]

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Salt Spring Hybrid Intensive: The Dynamic Embodiement Retreat (Day 2)

Dynamics of Touch Part A
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This workshop is for those with prior skilled touch experience and somatic awareness who would like to learn more about the qualities of touch needed to contact different types of tissue in the body. For example, we will practice how to contact and support movement in the Cerebro-spinal fluid, various organs and for ligaments.

Dynamics of Touch Part B
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Salt Spring Hybrid Intensive: The Dynamic Embodiement Retreat (Day 1)

DE’s Dynamic Movement, Dynamic Health and How it relates to Teaching & Touch Practices
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Learn about how Martha Eddy developed Moving For Life and other Movement Systems and Touch Protocols, each of which integrate elements of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Systems and Body-Mind Centering.

BMD Class & Lab
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Join a class where each student shares their specific desires for some aspect of bodymind connection and Martha Eddy weaves together visualizations, classic […]

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International Solidarity Concert for India Covid Relief

As we navigate vaccines and come out of lockdown in North America, some countries such as India are experiencing the very worst of Covid19. Join our community in a global online solidarity concert and silent auction emceed by Bollywood star @geetsagarofficial on Saturday July 10 starting at 2pm PST. Our community, our Sangha, can help us embody a mindfulness practice. Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of true love being made of four elements: loving kindness, compassion, […]

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Embodied Leadership in Women

Join Seónagh Kummer's FREE masterclass about Embodied Leadership in Women. FREE streaming on May 17th. Learn tools and skills of embodiment leaders need to build effective relationships. Expectations of women leaders can be difficult to negotiate. Women are not always celebrated for taking a leadership role. Seónagh's program helps you slow down, get in touch with your feelings and understand how to consciously engage your body. Use your body, mind and emotions to create the impact you want. "Productivity Secrets of Female Millionaires: Master your Time" This summit combines the expertise of 25+ experts, and will help you upgrade your mindset and up-level your leadership SKILLS so you can create a greater impact and make more money, without burnout.

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Professional Women Rising Masterclass Series


Join Dr. Seónagh! FREE 12 Day Masterclass Series To Go from “I Know There’s More to Life” to Living Fully and Boldly.

Register for FREE to hear my conversation with the wonderful Patti Hanrath of Kinergy Leadership! The summit includes not only my interview, but those of the other 20+ experts. The wonderful speakers in this series bring their expertise and authentic beliefs on wellness and success, specifically as this […]

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World Water Dance (May 2, 1:30pm-2:30pm) Poche Beach, 2771 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672 Our dance draws attention to the global plastic waste crisis and its effects upon our oceans, mammals, birds and sea life in an interdependent ecosystem. On Poche beach where the dance takes place in San Clemente, California, we see waste problems occurring at the surface of the ocean when waste washes up to shore daily, and local people work diligently to remove the plastics, only to see it washing up again to litter the shoreline. Mismanaged waste remains on land, triggering public health crises among vulnerable communities. As we think beyond the beach we recognise and call for the urgent need for action to reduce plastic waste and find sustainable possibilities to finally end plastic pollution and address mismanagement of plastic waste. We are creating a film of our dance to be included in the Global Water Dances 2021 online festival, and we wish to use this film on an ongoing basis to help raise funds for a local environmental group who supports our goals. Global Water Dances is a movement that connects and supports a global community of choreographers and dancers to inspire action and international collaboration for water issues through the universal language of dance.

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